About Us

Meeting Global Standards

Our data consulting services are focused on providing our clients with advice and broker representation that meets all the global standards of quality, efficiency, and redundancy among many other best in class infrastructure. That being said, our data center consultants are constantly provided with the state-of-the-art training, so Bennett Data Center Solutions can keep the consultancy up to the international standards and changing needs of the clients. To meet the global standards and go beyond other organizations in our data center facilities services, innovation is a big part of our commitment. We never settle for less or mediocre, even if we have the traditional data centers in question. With our partner relationships coupled with all our other services, the clients can always expect something new and ground-breaking from us

Building a Culture of Cooperation

Bennet Data Center Solutions has invested more than 10 years building contacts in the data center industry. These contacts go beyond sharing phone numbers, but also involves a lot of cooperation in a variety of projects. Our cooperation and dealings may also expand to other data center consulting and brokerage firms, because building a culture where all organizations help build each other and grow together is our priority. This “Best Practices” approach, and data center technology can be implemented to the fullest in the market.