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Stay Ahead of What's Next

Your business depends on overcoming IT challenges and adapting to new data sources and business models. Successfully transform with modern solutions for cloud, AI, and edge—all while training your workforce and adopting tools that will allow you to efficiently operate in new environments.


Accelerate innovation and achieve your desired outcomes with strategic help from our experts. We’ll work with you to design and implement technology solutions, optimize processes, smooth skill gaps, and find the right financial model for your business. Areas of particular expertise include Cloud services: Bring the cloud experience to all your apps and data with hybrid cloud transformation. Edge services: Harness the power of data at the edge to transform the way your business interacts with customers and employees. IT modernization services: Modernize IT and data centers with automation, and container technologies. AI and data driven service


Free your IT team from day-to-day heavy lifting so they can focus on high value business goals. Work with us to automate, optimize, and scale your IT and cloud operations to become modern, fast, and agile. We’ll help you: Integrate technology: Bring all of your IT—both on-prem and cloud—together under one team, giving you one place to call for all of your needs. Manage and eliminate interoperability issues and create a stable IT that is at peak performance. Easily integrate multiple vendor technologies, operating systems and business applications. Streamline delivery: Ensure that IT ops is fast, agile, and delivering at peak performance by streaming processes to drive simplicity and efficiency.

Make Your Digital Transformation Successful

Successful digital transformations are activated with a clear vision, a common framework, aligned engagement from stakeholders, and a plan for communication across the entire organization. We can help you accelerate your digital transformation vision.
To become a successful digital business, there are four key business goals that must be technology-enabled: Redefine experiences to increase revenue and productivity with digital engagement. Gain insight and control to improve business operations with digitization of the edge. Accelerate development by speeding up time to value with cloud-native adoption. Modernize and move to optimize service delivery costs with multi-cloud agility. The HPE Digital Journey Map provides a highly visual, and proven framework to execute your digital ambition.
Digital Next Advisory experts use the HPE Digital Journey Map framework using one of four “moments, time-sensitive engagements,” each relating to where you currently are on your DX agenda: Activate: Understand, articulate, and easily communicate your transformation effort with a unique, readily understandable model. Align: Orchestrate your packed transformation backlog, sequencing the initiatives and projects by aligning a powerful transformation team. Advance: Stimulate your creativity to set the bar for your digital ambition with differentiating, meaningful CX that underpin your vision.
With the combination of the Digital Journey Map and the four “Moments,” HPE Pointnext Services helps engineer your digital transformation, plan your transformation based on HPE’s comprehensive edge-to-cloud expertise, and accelerates the execution of your digital ambition with the right technology and platforms. Through the simple visualization of the map, you can spot misaligned transformation initiatives more easily, better coordinate your transformation teams, and accelerate value creation. Let HPE help you identify the next steps to start delivering on your digital transformation promise.